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Four Tips Caregivers Wish All Family Members Followed

Your mom’s getting older, and she’s not as mobile as she used to be. She’s fallen once, so your family has discussed the benefits of home care. Maybe she’s ill and needs help until she recovers. Before you hire caregivers, make sure you know how to best work with someone else helping provide your mom’s care.

Realize It’s Okay to Ask for Help

It’s okay to reach out and ask for help. If you’re a family caregiver and are burning out or feeling frustrated, call the home care agency and ask about adding caregivers for more hours. It’s better to have the caregivers helping and help you avoid an emotional or mental break that makes it hard for you to function.

Ask Questions

Caregivers like to know you’re involved in your parents’ care. By asking questions, it shows you’re engaged in your parents’ lives.

There’s a fine line between asking questions and distracting the caregivers assigned to help your parents. If you have questions, ask them. Make sure you listen for the answer. If the caregiver has to answer the same question over and over, it becomes a distraction.

Don’t Ignore Suggestions

Your dad’s caregiver alerts you to the fact that he’s running low on a specific medication. Make sure you listen to the information and take action. If you haven’t looked into automatic refills, ask your dad’s doctor about them.

The caregiver that spends time with your mom each week shared that your mom is stumbling more. She’s overdue for an eye exam. Make sure you schedule that appointment or ask the caregiver to do so. If your mom’s falls are related to worsening vision, corrective glasses can make a difference.

Remember the Caregiver Is Not There for Your Needs

One issue occurs when a family member stops by to visit and expects the caregiver to wash their dishes and cups. If you have coffee or tea with your mom during your visit, do the dishes before leaving. The caregiver isn’t there to clean up after you.

You want to go to lunch with your mom. The caregiver brings her to the restaurant. After lunch, the caregiver comes to pick up your mom, but you want a ride back to your office. That’s not the caregiver’s job. It’s better to call a rideshare service or taxi.

Keep these six tips in mind when you start working with caregivers. Home care services offer an ideal way to ensure your parents have the help they need, even if you’re busy with work, engagements, or activities. Call a home care agency now and ask about the prices for area caregivers.

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