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Ways to Stay Active When Winter’s Rain and Snow Start

As winter arrives, it can be harder to get outside for activities. Colder temperatures, worsening road conditions, and snow/ice/rain all impact what you can do outside. Your parents don’t have to stop being active. These are some of the best ways to remain active when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Find a Treadmill or Elliptical Machine

First, talk to your mom and dad’s doctor about activity restrictions. If they’re okay to use exercise equipment, get something set up to be used in inclement weather.

Second, look at online ads in sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. If your parent’s community has an online group, post an ad in there looking for a low-cost or free treadmill or elliptical machine. Some people have exercise equipment that’s collecting dust that would be happy to sell or give away the equipment.

Use Online Videos

As long as the doctor has said it’s okay, YouTube is packed with videos for seniors who want to get exercise. These videos range from chair exercises to Zumba programs. You can put one on the TV and join your parents as you work through the different fitness activities.

You can also consider buying a Nintendo Wii and getting some games that boost activities. Wii Sports, dance games, and some of the adventure games will have your parents moving their arms and legs as they make their character go bowling, play some rounds of boxing, or try to keep up with the music in a dancing game.

Walk in the Local Mall

Head to the local mall and walk laps. If there are multiple floors, you can do a lap on each floor. Your parents are protected from the weather and have a climate-controlled building for their walk. Some malls open the main doors early to allow walkers to get in their laps before the shoppers appear.

Check the Schedule at the Local Senior Center

When the roads are clear, your parents can get to the local senior center for fitness classes, hobbies, book clubs, and community meals. It gives them the chance to be active and social. If they can’t drive, caregivers can.

Don’t let snow, rain, and ice keep your mom and dad from being active. They can still get exercise and socialize all winter long with the help of a senior care aide. Call a senior care agency to learn how caregivers can help your parents stay active when the weather isn’t ideal.

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