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Multiple Sclerosis Doesn’t Need to End Your Mom’s Independence

Women are more likely to develop multiple sclerosis (MS), and that diagnosis often comes by their 50th birthday. Your mom has MS. What can you do to help her maintain her sense of independence as she ages?

Recognize the Common Symptoms

Start by knowing what symptoms are most common. If you know what your mom deals with, it’s easier to understand how it will affect her independence.

Fatigue is prevalent. It can make it hard for your mom to complete daily tasks without having some level of assistance. If she tires easily, hire home care aides to help with housework.

Caregivers can drive her to stores and help her shop. She might prefer to have someone do the shopping for her. She may want caregivers to cook her meals and do the laundry. Ask her what she is happy to have others do for her and what she prefers to do independently.

Her mobility may be affected. MS affects the gait and balance. She may need to start using a cane when she walks. She may have moments where her legs go weak, and moving around is hard.

She’ll feel better having someone to help her walk up and down the stairs in her home. She may want to have company when she goes on walks. Talk to her about companionship services for her daily walks.

Changes to her vision are also common. If she deals with blurry vision or changes to how she sees colors, she shouldn’t drive. Have caregivers drive her instead.

Incontinence affects around eight out of ten MS patients. If your mom is having a hard time with bladder control, she may need help with laundry and clothes changes if there’s an accident. She might want help ordering incontinence pads and making sure they’re always on hand.

One other issue that can impact her independence is cognitive changes. If she’s struggling to keep track of bills and appointments, organization services from a home care agency will help her manage her schedule.

Address Safety Issues in Her Home

Maintaining independence is easier to manage if the home is adapted to meet her changing needs. If your mom deals with dizziness and loss of leg strength, grab bars in the bathroom are essential. Ensure they’re secured to studs within the wall and located near the toilet, bathtub, and shower.

She may have a hard time with stairs now. Can her bedroom be moved to the main level? She’ll want to have a bathroom nearby. If she has a den, that’s an excellent place to set up a new bedroom for her.

The other concern is her laundry room. If it’s in the basement, she needs to have home care aides available to do her laundry. Call an agency to schedule all of these helpful services.

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