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Tips to Help Your Senior Gain Weight

Just like weight gain, excessive weight loss is a serious problem in seniors. The human body never stops changing, and age-related changes can greatly influence nutrition requirements for seniors. In old age the body burns less calories, so feeling full quickly and having less appetite is very common.

Nutrient dense additions to how your senior normally eats is a proven way to gain weight for the elderly. Nutritious tasty snacks several times a day is beneficial for seniors. Having personal care at home makes things easier to get a calculated diet from time to time and keep the calorie count in track. The physicians can provide additional guidance.

Causes of weight loss in seniors

There are many common factors that may be the root cause of being underweight. Below the causes are discussed:

  • Eating little: Seniors often feel full and that is why they eat less which is a main reason for not getting the required daily calories. This ultimately causes the loss of weight.
  • Cooking: Often it is observed that seniors do not have desire to cook food for themselves, thus ending up in eating less or eating junk food.
  • Swallowing problem: In old age as teeth get weaker so heavy food eating becomes a genuine problem for seniors.
  • Feeling low:  As feeling lonely and low in the older age is very common, in this case the desire to eat is affected.
  • Digestion:  Another problem is not having proper smell or taste sensation along with a weak digestive system. In this scenario, seniors often does not feel hungry as well because for them eating becomes a burden.
  • Illness:  Having any major illness like dementia or cancer or COPD is also a cause of a lack of appetite in seniors.


Making small changes to your eating habits throughout the day can help you avoid the health effects of unplanned weight loss. Here are some tips given to maintain or gain weight:

  • Eat Smaller meals:  Eating smaller meals can be very effective as it takes less effort, and your loved one can eat multiple times a day which will eventually fulfill the body requirements.
  • Choose high calorie diet:  Choosing a high calorie diet like high protein and fat intake can ensure the nutrients for the body in the small portion of the diet.
  • Drink healthy, nutrient rich drinks:  After a small meal, try to have a high calorie drink like milk. It will not only ensure fluid intake but also help with a shortage of nutrients.
  • Choose right textured food:  Choosing the right food is also very important. Always make sure your loved ones can get soft foods like eggs, avocado or longer cooked meals. It will ease the eating difficulties for seniors.

Conclusion: Tips to Help Your Senior Gain Weight

It is very essential to ensure sufficient diet for your loved one. Time to time providing food is a mandatory method for this. In this scenario personal care at home naturally may be a wise choice as professionals can make sure that your loved one is eating fine without any difficulties.

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