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Household Tools That Lower Your Mom’s Fall Risk

Each year, about 25 percent of the elderly population falls at least once. Around 20 percent of those falls result in bone fractures and head injuries. The older you get, the higher your fall risk is. Consider investing in these household tools and help lower your mom’s fall risk.

A Grabber

A grabber is a handy tool for reaching things that are too high or too low. Instead of having to climb onto a chair to get a can that’s on a high shelf, your mom or dad uses the grabber to reach it and lower it to the counter.

Grabbers are also suitable for picking up items you’ve dropped. If your dad has a hard time putting on his socks, the grabber can help.

A Step Ladder With Rails

Invest in a kitchen step ladder that has hand grips up the side and at the top. If your mom and dad need a ladder to reach something, they’ll have a ladder that has the supportive rails they need for support. You may also want to look for models with anti-slip steps that have a rubberized or gritty coating over the steps.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are important to have in the bathroom. Your parents will hold them when they step into or out of the shower or bath. They can hold them while they walk from the shower to the sink or towel rack.

In a bathroom where space is limited, get grab bars that double as towel racks. There will be the grab bar at the top and a second bar below it for hanging towels.

A Shower Seat

If your mom or dad has a hard time standing for more than a few minutes, a shower seat is essential. A folding shower seat is ideal for small areas. Some attach to the shower walls and fold up to the wall when they’re not needed.

When purchasing a shower seat, choose the best model for their needs. If they plan to move it in and out of the bathtub or shower stall, look for rubberized feet. You want them to have suction cups that attach to the floor to prevent movement.

Toilet Safety Frame

A toilet safety frame is a fall-protection device that goes around the toilet. It has rubberized feet and sturdy handles that offer support while a person sits down and stands up at a toilet.

Choose a toilet safety frame that has foam or rubberized non-slip grips on the handles. You may also want to get one that attaches to the toilet seat hinges, making it less likely to slide.

Once your mom’s fallen, the odds of another fall increase. It’s important to make sure she has the support she needs to live independently.

Home care is exactly what she needs. Caregivers help her where it’s needed. Call a home care agency and ask about assistance with laundry, housekeeping, mobility, and other daily activities.

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