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Five Popular Yoga Programs That Improve Your Mood

Yoga combines exercise and meditation practices. Through deep breathing, stretches, and balance, it works the muscles and mind to help with balance and stress reduction. There are different types of Yoga and all are beneficial. Learn more about five popular Yoga forms that help improve the mood. 
#1 – Hatha Yoga

This is a good choice for beginners. It focuses on grounding the body and mind while practicing different Yoga poses. Like any Yoga form, deep breathing skills are built as the body is moved into the poses that are meant to stretch muscles while helping relax your mind and ease tension. 
#2 – Hot Yoga 
With a focus on 26 basic Yoga poses, this form of Yoga helps release stress while keying on breathing and stretching. Hot Yoga is practiced in a warm, slightly humid room. If your parents always complain about the cold, this may be a good option for them. Make sure they have plenty of water available and go at their pace. 
#3 – Iyengar Yoga 
The Yoga poses in Iyengar Yoga are held for a longer period than in many other forms of Yoga, but they’re done slowly and methodically. This makes it a good choice for an older adult who cannot move around quickly and needs time to move from one pose to the next. 
#4 – Restorative Yoga 
This type of Yoga is designed to relax the mind and body at the end of the day. The goal is not only to stretch but also to clear the mind of stress and focus fully on a relaxed, calm state. Many of the poses can be done from a seated position, which also makes it a popular choice for older adults. 
#5 – Yin Yoga 
This type of Yoga is practiced from a sitting position, which can make it a better choice for someone with balance issues. The seated positions are held for an amount of time, usually no more than two minutes, with the focus aimed at stretching muscles, holding the position, and meditation to quiet the mind and find a sense of peace. 
Would Home Care Help Them or You Get Enough Exercise? 
Do your parents have someone they can practice Yoga with? Do they need reminders to get in their daily 30 minutes of exercise? Home care aides help with that. Caregivers encourage your parents to get in their workout. Some caregivers will also join your parents in their daily workouts. 
If you need time to attend a Yoga class, home care services also help with that. Take time away from helping out at your parents’ house by hiring caregivers. Caregivers take over when you need to step away for a few hours. Call a home care agency to learn more. 

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