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Five Things the Brain Needs to Stay Healthy

Brain health may not be the first thing you think of in terms of healthy living, but it’s one of the most important. The brain is vital for so many aspects of life. It’s your brain that tells your body to respond to pain, to take a breath, and when a fear response is needed. To keep your brain healthy, these five things are essential. 
Anti-Inflammatory Foods

A diet with fresh produce and fruits is vital for brain health. Doctors recommend diets like the DASH Diet that focus on leafy greens, legumes, seafood, and whole grains. Your parents need to avoid added sugar, saturated fat, and high sodium foods. 
Aim for 30 minutes of exercise every day. It gets the heart pumping and that increased blood flow helps oxygen reach all organs. The brain needs oxygen-rich blood to function properly. 
Learn New Things 
Keep the brain exercised. Set your mom and dad up with ways to keep learning. It might be a new hobby, a new game, or an online class. No matter what interests them, make sure they embrace it. Learning to code is one option. Taking an online college class from one of the major colleges is free on sites like EDX.org. 
Plenty of Sleep 
Experts recommend that people get seven or eight hours of sleep each day. Make sure your parents are getting enough sleep. If they struggle with insomnia, some of the ways to beat it are by avoiding afternoon naps, getting fresh air for an hour or so each day, and avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and evening. 
A set pattern where they get up at the same time each day and go to bed at the same time in the evening is important. If they don’t feel tired, have them read for an hour before trying to go to sleep. Help them avoid late-night bathroom trips by limiting water intake after dinner. 
Spending time with others is important for brain health. If your parents don’t have a large circle of friends, caregivers offer companionship. Make arrangements to ensure your mom and dad have others to talk to each week. 
Do you feel stressed and don’t know how to handle it? You’re not alone. Many family caregivers start to feel overwhelmed and can’t figure out what to do to ease the stress. Elderly care services provide the solution you need. 
Have elderly care aides help your parents while you take a break. Go for a walk, visit friends, or have time alone. Just make sure you are focused on what makes you feel relaxed and happy. Call an elderly care agency to make arrangements. 

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