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Creating a Plan for if Your Elderly Loved One Wanders and/or Gets Lost

Wandering is very common in the elderly. It generally happens with those who have dementia or even for those who have age-related memory loss. If your elderly loved one is in a safe place, the wandering might not seem like that big of a deal. However, in other places, it can be quite dangerous. It is important that you and the home care providers create a plan for if your elderly loved one starts wandering and/or gets lost.  

Disguise the Doors in Their Home

If you notice that your elderly loved one has started wandering, you may want to start by disguising the doors in their home. By making the exterior doors of their home look like closets or by putting posters on those doors, it can make your elderly loved one think those aren’t exits. This may prevent them from trying to get outside.  

Put Chimes on All the Doors  

You should also put chimes on all the doors in the home, especially the exterior doors. By doing this, you and the home care providers will always know where your elderly loved one is. If they try to go outside, you will hear the chime go off and you can follow them. With these chimes, you won’t always have to keep your eye on your elderly loved one. You can be in the next room and still hear the chime if they open the door.  

Put Your Elderly Loved One on the Wandering Risk List 

You can also contact the local authorities to let them know that your elderly loved one may be wandering. They can take a picture from you of your elderly loved one and keep it. This way, if your elderly loved one does wander off, the authorities already know who they are looking for. This preparation could help to save your elderly loved one’s life if they wander off.  

Make a List of Previous Occupations and Homes 

You should also make a list of previous occupations and homes for your elderly loved one. This list should be distributed to the home care providers and other people who will be caring for your elderly loved one. If your loved one wanders off, you all can split up and look for them in these areas. Most senior citizens that wander will go to places that are familiar to them.  


It is important to create a plan for if your elderly loved one wanders and/or gets lost. By having a plan in place ahead of time, you could help to save your elderly loved one later on.  

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